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List of free resources to learn TensorFlow.

Below a list of selected free resources to learn TensorFlow: TensorFlow website: Udacity free course: Google Cloud Platform: Coursera free course: Machine Learning with TensorFlow by Nishant Shukla : ‘First Contact With TensorFlow’ by Prof. JORDI TORRES:  or you can order from Amazon: First Contact With Tensorflow Kadenze Academy: OpenShift: Tutorial by… Read More List of free resources to learn TensorFlow.

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What is TensorFlow?

What is TensorFlow? TensorFlow is an open source software library for machine learning developed by Google –  Google Brain team. Name TensorFlow derives from the operations which neural networks perform on multidimensional data arrays, often referred to as “tensors”. It is using data flow graphs, and is capable of building and training variety of different… Read More What is TensorFlow?